CSV AI: Querying CSV files with AI and natural language

We are pleased to introduce CSV AI, a free tool that simplifies the process of extracting insights from your CSV files.

What is CSV AI? #

CSV AI is a tool that enables you to query your CSV files using natural language questions.

Instead of writing complex SQL queries or performing manual data manipulation, you can simply ask questions in plain English and receive answers in a structured table format.

To put the cherry on top, we use Groq to give you an AI response that is extremely fast. No waiting and twidling your thumbs while the AI processes your question.

CSV AI can help you:

  • Explore your sales data by asking questions like, What were the top 5 products sold in Q4 2023?
  • Analyze customer behavior by querying, Which age group had the highest average order value last month?
  • Gain insights into your website traffic by asking, What were the most popular landing pages in the past week?

Here's what it looks like using the tool.

Select a CSV #

First, you will select a CSV and delimiter which will load the CSV into the table.

Ask your question #

Next, you can ask a question, hit Enter and it will generate SQL and run it against the table in the browser.

How does CSV AI work? #

This free tool uses a couple really interesting technologies:

  • DuckDB - DuckDB is a fast, analytics database that can run entirely in the browser with WASM. This is how we can query your CSV without ever sending your CSV data to any servers. DuckDB can load the CSV into a table and run SQL against it.
  • Llama-3-70B - We use the Open Source large language model, Llama-3-70B, to generate the SQL based on the columns and data types of the CSV.

Getting Started with CSV AI #

To start using CSV AI, simply checkout the tool here!

Future Plans #

We plan to expand and support querying other formats like Parquet files.