Parquet Reader and Viewer

Select and view your parquet files in one click. No server-side processing, everything happens in your browser.

Advantages of Parquet Format

Parquet is a columnar storage file format optimized for analytics. It's highly efficient in both storage and performance while supporting all modern data processing tools. Here are some key benefits:

How it works

Our tool uses WebAssembly to convert your CSV to Parquet directly in the browser. This ensures that your data never leaves your device, guaranteeing privacy and security. The process is as follows:

Parquet Structure

Understanding the structure of Parquet files can help appreciate its efficiency. A Parquet file is organized into rows and columns, but the data is stored in columns, allowing for the following structure:

  • Column Chunks: Each column is divided into chunks, which are then stored in separate pages. This structure facilitates efficient data compression and encoding.
  • Page Types: There are three types of pages - data pages, dictionary pages, and index pages, each serving a specific purpose in data storage and retrieval.
  • Row Groups: A set of column chunks that roughly correspond to a block of rows, allowing for more efficient reads of specific rows.
  • Metadata: Contains information about the file's schema, version, and other attributes necessary for processing the file.