Introducing NaturalSQL 6.7B

We are super excited to announce and release NaturalSQL-6.7B!

Natural SQL

What is NaturalSQL? #

NaturalSQL is a new collection of open source, large language models finetuned on advanced text to sql instructions.

It was trained to handle advanced SQL queries and natural language questions like:

  • Date Queries
  • Text / String Matching
  • Multi Table Joins
  • Aggregation / Ratios / SubQueries

What's next?

  • Handling complex, nested JSONB columns
  • Steering
  • Compound, multipart questions

NaturalSQL in ChatDB? #

We plan to offer NaturalSQL as an alternative to GPT-4 in ChatDB to offer the ability to finetune on your database for enterprise customers and improve the quality of the AI response, while decreasing the latency.

Imagine having a LLM, fully finetuned on your database that knows the intricacies, ins and outs, as well as the understands the type of questions you like to ask... I know. Exciting!!!

Will there be different versions? #

Yes, we plan to have different iterations of the model with improvements as well as different sizes. Here are the sizes we are thinking of:

  • 6.7B (done ✅)
  • 10.7B
  • 33B

Interested in finetuning NaturalSQL? #

Are you interested in finetuning NaturalSQL on your database? Want to self host it with ChatDB internally?

Let me know and email me at caleb at

Thanks 👋

Excited to share new things soon!