OpenAI Dev Day Updates

OpenAI DevDay was one of the biggest developer key notes of 2023. Here is a summary of some new updates coming from OpenAI!

Huge GPT-4 Updates #

  • 128K Context Length
  • JSON Mode
  • Better Function Calling
  • Retrieval Sources
  • Updated Knowledge Cutoff (April 2023)
  • Multimodal (GPT-4 with Vision API)
  • GPT-4 fine-tuning
  • Custom Models
  • Higher Ratelimits

New GPT-4 Models

and much cheaper gpt-3.5

GPTs #

Custom ChatGPT Bots App Store. Build a GPT with natural language!

You can include capabilities such as:

  • Web Browsing
  • Code Interpreter
  • DALL-E Image Generation

GPT Builder Image

Assistants API #

  • Retrieval
  • Code Interpreter
  • Threading
  • Improved Function Calling

Here's how it works! Assistants API